9 Thoughtful Gifts For Yoga Teachers: Gifts For Gratitude

Spoiler alert: don't get them yoga related items!


If receiving and giving gifts is your love language1 5lovelanguages.com. (n.d.). Discover Your Love Language – The 5 Love Languages®. [online] Available at: https://5lovelanguages.com/., you may have found yourself thinking about what you can gift your favorite yoga teacher when the holidays or christmas approach or when their birthday is just around the corner.

Yoga teachers spend much of their time helping others find peace, balance, and wellness.

This nurturing role, though fulfilling, can also be demanding both physically and mentally.

It’s a thoughtful gesture to show appreciation for someone who plays a significant role in guiding you through the transformative journey of yoga.

As you contemplate the ideal gifts for yoga teachers, it’s natural for your mind to first drift towards yoga-related items. After all, yoga is a central part of their life.

However, while these are undoubtedly thoughtful yoga teacher gifts, they might not be as unique or as surprising as you’d hope.

Yoga teachers often have an abundance of these items, (at least I do!) and your well-intentioned gift risks being one of many.

Understanding their personal style and preferences can be the key to selecting a gift that not only delights but also deeply connects with them on a personal level.

Let’s dive in and find the perfect gifts for the yoga teachers in your life!

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Understanding Your Yoga Teacher’s Style

Let’s face it, chances are your yoga teacher already owns plenty of yoga mats, leggings, props, and other yoga-related gadgets, so getting them the best gifts will require getting to know them quite well.

Understanding your yoga teacher’s style isn’t just about observing the type of yoga they teach, it’s about paying a bit of attention to their personality and interests; noticing what makes them unique.

For example, consider what type of music they play in their yoga classes. Notice their teaching style; are they more traditional or do they like modern approaches and techniques?

Ideally, you could find a gift that combines your shared love for yoga with their other interests.

2 Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Gifts For Yoga Teachers

If your yoga teacher aligns with yogic values and lives a yogic lifestyle, chances are they love all things eco-friendly and sustainable!

When considering gifts for yoga teachers, here are two ideas:

1# Handmade Recycled Paper Journal

An artisanal journal or notebook made from recycled paper can be a thoughtful gift.

These journals often have a unique, earthy charm, with covers made from sustainable materials like bamboo, cork, or even repurposed fabrics.

Inside, the recycled paper is perfect for your yoga teacher to write down thoughts, reflections, yoga sequences, or meditation experiences.

You can choose one that’s bound in a traditional or more artistic style, perhaps even featuring hand-painted designs or inspirational quotes.

Budget-wise, you can find Journals that range from $10 to over $100, making it a good option for a wide variety of budgets.

2# Soy or Beeswax Candles

Natural candles made from soy or beeswax are a simple yet delightful gift.

They burn cleaner and longer than regular paraffin candles and don’t release harmful toxins into the air.

Choose candles with natural fragrances or essential oils for a gentle, soothing aroma.

They can be used to create a calming ambiance in a yoga space or for relaxation at home, which we are sure your favorite yoga teacher will love!

The cool thing about candles is that you can purchase them, or you could take a go at making them yourself.

Here is a tutorial for those wanting to try:

2 Relaxation And Wellness Gifts

If you’re thinking about gifts for yoga teachers, consider options that cater to their well-being and relaxation.

After a day filled with teaching classes and conducting workshops, the best yoga instructors, like everyone else, need their own time to unwind and rejuvenate.

The ideal yogi gift can serve as a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication, while also providing them with a much-deserved pause and self-care moment.

Therefore, a gift that emphasizes relaxation and wellness can be particularly thoughtful. It’s a way of acknowledging the effort they put into their teaching and showing care for their personal well-being:

1# Handcrafted Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

You may want to make sure that they have a bathtub first, but if they do, bath bombs can be a great gift.

A set of handmade bath bombs infused with essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or rosemary can provide a luxurious and therapeutic bath experience.

Look for ones made with natural ingredients and calming scents to encourage relaxation and stress relief.

This gift is sure to offer a serene escape and a way to unwind after a long day.

2# Relaxation and Meditation Playlist

Creating a personalized playlist for relaxation and meditation can be a deeply meaningful gift.

To make it more personalized, you can include tracks that you know your yoga teacher enjoys or that have a special significance.

You could also discover and add new artists or compositions that align with the themes of tranquility and inner peace.

The beauty of this gift lies in its thoughtfulness and the time you invest in creating something that specifically caters to your shared love for good music.

3 Inspiring Books For Yoga Teachers

In a profession dedicated to personal growth, spiritual exploration, and continuous learning, a carefully selected book can be a treasure.

Yoga teachers often immerse themselves in literature that not only deepens their practice but also broadens their perspective on life, wellness, and mindfulness.

So, choosing a book as a gift, whether it’s a novel, a non-fiction work, or a collection of poems that speaks to the soul, a good book can be one of the best presents.

someone in a pink blanket reading a book

In this section, we’ll explore three inspiring book suggestions that are more than just great reads, they are great gifts for yoga teachers:

  1. The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere by Pico Iyer: This book isn’t specifically about yoga, but its focus on stillness, mindfulness, and the inner journey resonates deeply with yogic philosophy. It’s a thought-provoking read for those who appreciate the meditative aspects of yoga.
  2. The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohllben: Yoga teachers will find its themes of interconnectedness and harmony with nature echoing yoga’s holistic view of life, inspiring a deeper connection with the environment during practice.
  3. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear: This book is perfect for yoga teachers as it encourages embracing curiosity, tackling what you love fearlessly, and living a life driven by passion – principles that often guide both yoga and life.

2 Experiences As Gifts For Yoga Teachers

If you’re someone who prefers gifting experiences over material things, you’re not alone.

In a world where we often find ourselves surrounded by an abundance of objects, the value of experiences – those that create memories, enrich lives, and bring joy – has become increasingly apparent.

When it comes to showing appreciation and considering gifts for yoga teachers, an experience can be a deeply personal and thoughtful gift.

It can be a beautiful way to say ‘thank you’ while acknowledging their personal interests and passions.

In this section, we explore two unique experience-based gift ideas that are perfect for yoga teachers.

These two gifts for yoga teachers are an opportunity for personal enrichment, joy, and relaxation – elements that are at the heart of what yoga instructors give to their students every day:

1# Massage Session

A gift certificate for a therapeutic massage session is a wonderful way to show appreciation.

Choose a reputable spa or a licensed massage therapist who specializes in techniques like Swedish, deep tissue, or even specific styles like Thai or Shiatsu massage.

Your yoga teacher is sure to love this gift since it offers relaxation and relief from physical stress, which can be especially beneficial for those who spend a lot of time demonstrating poses and guiding students.

2# Art or Creativity Workshop

If your yoga instructor is an artsy person, consider enrolling them (or getting them a voucher) in a short art or creativity workshop, such as a pottery class, painting session, craft-making workshop, or even a cooking class!

Engaging in creative activities can be a form of meditation and a way to explore mindfulness away from the yoga mat.

It’s a unique experience that allows them to unwind and express themselves in a different medium.

hands making a clay pot

Bonus Ideas!

  • A tote bag with their fave artists design
  • A water bottle that’s their vibe
  • Meditation cushion
  • Essential oil diffuser
  • A tibetan singing bowl
  • Chakra stones
  • And if you must… Yoga accessories: yoga blankets, yoga blocks, yoga towel, yoga mat bag, yoga wheel, yoga strap. Make sure they’re special, as your yoga enthusiast probably has enough!


Whether it’s a handcrafted item, an experience to remember, or something that speaks to their personal interests, getting gifts for the yogi in your life doesn’t need to be hard.

The aim is to make them feel truly valued and seen for the incredible teacher and person that they are.

It’s about showing gratitude and appreciation in a way that is both thoughtful and personal, celebrating the wonderful human being they are, both on and off the mat.

If you want some more yoga gift ideas, check out this gift guide article next:

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Laia is an Afro-Catalan accessible and inclusive yoga & meditation teacher. She has trained in hatha, vinyasa, trauma-informed yoga, yin yoga, and restorative yoga and holds E-RYT 500 and YACEP accreditations with the Yoga Alliance. Additionally, she is a freelance writer and translator, publishing in Catalan, English, and Spanish. As a former professional athlete who lives with a chronic illness, Laia has gained valuable insights into the benefits of self-care and the importance of pausing and slowing down. She is dedicated to sharing accessible and sustainable practices of yoga and meditation to help people create a more harmonious life. Being a black and chronically ill individual, her mission is to empower non-normative yoga teachers to find their unique voices and develop tools to make wellness practices accessible to the communities they serve, thereby taking up space and creating a more inclusive and diverse yoga industry. Furthermore, as a writer and creative, she is passionate about supporting other creatives and innovators. She fosters a genuine community dedicated to finding balance while staying productive and inspired. Laia has developed unique techniques that intertwine yoga and meditation with writing, journaling, and other accessible methods to help each other stay creative and mindful.

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