Ksepana Mudra (Kali Mudra)

Ksepana Mudra / Kali Mudra Ksepana –  (to throw away, to let go) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – Air Fundamentals Before diving into the benefits and implementation of this mudra, we need to understand with what energies we are working here. Ksepana Mudra is commonly referred to as Kali Mudra. Kali, in Sanskrit, means … Read more

Garuda Mudra

Garuda Mudra Garuda (eagle) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – Air Fundamentals The name of this particular mudra was not chosen by accident. The eagle is revered as the king of all birds in many cultures. It governs the sky and brings an eternal sense of freedom. Even though it is free, his energy still … Read more

Vayu Mudra 

Vayu Mudra  Vayu (air,wind) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – Air  Fundamentals One of the main functions of mudras is to balance the main 5 elements within our bodies, to help us improve our physical and mental well-being. Vayu mudra literally translates to wind or air gesture, and as the name implies, its purpose is … Read more