Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

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Mountain Pose, Tadasana (tah-DAHS-anna)

tada (mountain) + āsana (pose)

Also known as: Samasthiti, Palm Tree Pose,

Pose Type: Standing

Difficulty: Beginner

Tadasana mountain pose

The powerful foundation to all standing poses. A place of rest, or new beginnings.

mountain Pose Fundamentals

It may look simple, but the importance of mountain pose is not to be underestimated. It forms the foundation for all standing poses and inversions in yoga and mastering Mountain Pose will greatly improve your balance and posture.

Be mindful of not simply using Mountain Pose as a transition between two poses. Tap into your mountain and approach it as a stand-alone asana.

When you bring your focus to Mountain Pose, you find a depth that can easily be overlooked. Consider how your joints are stacked and aligned, the natural curvature of your back, and what muscles you are engaging.

Come into your mountain pose from the ground up, rooting your feet down through the yoga mat, and feeling the earth beneath you.

mountain Pose benefits

Mountain pose strengthens your legs and your core; improves your posture and body awareness, and helps realign the joints and limbs of the body.

How To Do mountain Pose: Step-By-Step

1. Begin by standing tall on a comfortable surface, pressing all four corners of your feet firmly into the ground. Your feet should be hip-distance apart and parallel to each other.

2. Activate your thighs and engage your core to stand strong and still, tucking your tailbone under towards your navel to straighten your back.

3. Keep your arms straight along the sides of your body, with your shoulders back and down away from your ears and palms facing forward.

4. Remain here for a minimum of 3 deep breaths. Focus on elongating your body – pulling the crown of your head up to the sky while pushing the soles of the feet down into the ground a little more on each exhale.

annotated image of a woman doing yoga's mountain pose

Upward Salute Pose

Preparatory Poses

Mountain pose requires no preparatory pose. Instead, focus on becoming centered in your breathing and your practice.

Counter Poses

Standing Half Forward Bend Pose

Standing Forward Bend Pose

Corpse Pose

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