Upward Salute Pose (Urdhva Hastasana)

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Upward Salute Pose, Urdhva Hastasana, (OORD-vah hahs-TAHS-ah-nah)

urdhva (upward) + hasta (hands)+ āsana (pose)

Also known as: Raised Hands Pose, The Palm Tree Pose, Talasana

Pose Type: Standing, Digestion

Difficulty: Beginners

upward salute Urdhva Hastasana

This pose teaches extension. From the root, all the way up to the sky.

Upward salute Pose Fundamentals

The Upward Salute is a foundation pose for all standing yoga poses and flows such as the Sun Salutation Sequence.

The pose may seem simple, and at a glance it is. But there are so many intricacies to play with here. The pose offers a moment to go inwards, become aware of your body, and find alignment.

upward salute Pose benefits

The Upward Salute Pose provides:

  • a sweet stretch to the arms and shoulders, working to
  • and open the chest.
  • The pose also gently stretches the belly- aiding in proper digestion.

How To Do The upward salute Pose: Step-By-Step

1. Stand tall with your big toes touching and a small amount of space between your two heels or with your feet hip-width apart. 

2. Root down through the earth with your big toes, heels, and the outside edges of your feet. Feel a pull up towards the sky in your inner arches.

3. Wrap your inner thighs back and gently release your tailbone down toward your heels.

4. Draw your shoulders down and back, soften your front ribcage, and stack your head above your pelvis. This pose is all about alignment.

5. On an inhale, raise your arms up over your head.

6. Either keep your hands shoulder-distance apart with your palms facing each other, or press your palms together in prayer.

7. Keep your arms parallel to your ears. Rotate your biceps backwards, and draw your shoulder blades up and out– away from your spine.

8. Keep your arms straight and gently bring your gaze towards your thumbs.

annotate image of a woman doing yoga's upward salute pose

Mountain Pose

Counter Poses:

Standing Half Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend

yogajala break 1000 × 40 px 1

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