Sara Popović

sara popoivc, yogajala writer

Sara is a writer, who found her passion for words at a very young age, starting with short stories and poems. When the time has come for her to choose a career, she discovered the field of freelance writing, and began growing in it.

Her first article was about yoga, and after exploring different fields, she returned to that initial idea, wanting to help others learn about spirituality, yoga, and everything else which has helped her in her own journey.

Writing about yoga combines her two passions in one. Her yoga journey began when she was 13 or 14 years old, when she first began asking important questions about her own existence. Living in a small village with no studios nearby, she first learned from old books she found in her parent’s library. Immediately, she fell in love, and her path began. 

In the course of these 13 years, she rarely ever went to studios, rather preferred learning on her own, visiting teachers only when she felt the need for guidance. That’s why she resonates with online yoga content so much – it was something that has helped her learn, and now she wants to give back through projects she finds valuable, including Yoga Jala. 

Yoga has helped her in the most difficult times of her life, and she is not focused on a specific style of practice. Instead, she lets her path flow naturally – sometimes being focused on asanas, and other times on attaining knowledge and developing in meditation.

In her first years, she prioritized the physical practice, mainly Vinyasa, Yin, Power, and Hatha yoga. But as she grew, she realized she is always returning to the same foundational poses, and never really felt the need to evolve in the physical sense or dedicate to a certain yoga type. Rather, she found her path in her relationship to God and meditation.

Today, she only uses the poses to help her recenter and to solve any pains or discomforts, such as a backache after writing for a long time. With time, she realized everything that leads her back to her own self and God is yoga for her – and sitting in stillness or walking on a forest path can be just as powerful as a series of asanas.

Nevertheless, asanas are what led her to that discovery, and she still finds them invaluable. That is why she enjoys creating content on yoga poses that may help others practice with a deeper intention, awareness of their current needs, and alignment which best serves their bodies.  

Sara lives in Croatia, near the sea, with her dog. She enjoys exploring nature, and making art. She is currently developing a series of children’s/YA stories and comics in her native language, which she feels complements her work and allows her to live her dream life – having yoga, writing, art, and nature in her every day.

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