Liz Burns

yogajala writer, Liz Burns

Driven by a fascination with the profound intelligence of our body-mind and universal consciousness, Liz is a Yoga and Qigong facilitator currently living in the South West of England. 

She started Ashtanga classes at 18 years old as it was one of the only evening classes she could attend around her studies, and immediately fell in love with all things yogic philosophy. Since certifying in Vinyasa, Hatha & Ashtanga in 2020, her practice and teaching have changed dramatically from the days of practicing Ashtanga! 

Continuously inspired by the wisdom of the body and delving deep into Tantric texts, she completed another 200-hour training with Embodied Flow™, a school that teaches with principles based around non-dual Tantra (Kashmir Shaivism), Somatics, Body-Mind Centering®,  embodied anatomy, and free movement. 

Liz is deeply passionate about using Somatics, Yoga, meditation, Qigong, non-duality and movement to build empowered and embodied communities. Outside of teaching, she works in the VAWG sector; therefore, her practice is informed by her trauma-informed approach as a practitioner in this field. Both her teaching and job come together based on the belief that safety, well-being, and presence-awareness are our birthright; she will continue to spread the message as she knows that embodied and empowered communities can change the world. 

  • Liz Burns practicing yoga
  • Liz Burns wearing a green top teaching yoga
  • Liz Burns sitting in a sacred circle
  • liz burns and fellow yogis practicing yoga outside at sunrise
  • liz burns in a black jumper practicing qi gong

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