Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana)

Triangle Pose, Utthita Trikonasana, (oo-tee-tah tree-cone-ahs-ah-nah) utthita (extended) + trikona (triangle) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Trikonasana, Extended Triangle Pose Pose Type: Twisting, Stretching, Balancing, Back Pain Difficulty: Intermediate Stretch and strengthen your whole body and build a strong foundation with Triangle Pose Triangle Pose Fundamentals Build your base and find stability and grace in … Read more

Reclined Twist Pose (Supta Matsyendrasana)

Reclined Twist Pose, Supta Matsyendrasana, (SOOP-tah MAHT-see-en-DRAH-suh-nuh) supta (supine) + matsyendra (lord of the fish) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Reclined Spinal Twist, Supine Spinal Twist, Belly Twist, Jathara Parivrtti Pose Type: Supine, Twisting, Stress Relief, Back Pain, Menstruation, Restorative Difficulty: Beginner Decompress and rinse off life’s stresses in a Reclined Twist Pose reclined … Read more

Half Happy Baby Pose (Ardha Ananda Balasana)

Half Happy Baby Pose, Ardha Ananda Balasana, (ar-dhah ah-NAHN-dah bah-LAH-sah-nah) ardha (half) + ananda (happy) + bala (child) + asana (pose) Also Known as: ardha ananda balasana Pose Type: Stretching, Supine, Stress Relieving, Back Pain, Restorative, Inversions Difficulty: Beginner Alleviate your tight hips in Half Happy Baby Pose half happy baby Pose Fundamentals Release pent-up … Read more

Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)

Happy Baby Pose, Ananda Balasana, (ah-NAHN-dah bah-LAH-sah-nahNA) ananda (happy) + bala (child) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Dead Bug Pose, Ananda Balasana Pose Type: Supine, Stretching, Back Pain, Stress Relief, Inversions, Restorative Difficulty: Beginner Tap into your inner child and play around in Happy Baby Pose for a powerful hip opener happy baby Pose … Read more

Cat-Cow Pose (Marjaryasana-Bitilasana)

Cat-Cow Pose, Sanskrit: Marjaryasana-Bitilasana, (maa-r-jaa-raa-suh-nuh , Bi-ti-laah-suh-nuh) marjara (cat) + asana (pose) , bitila (cow) + asana (pose) Also known as: Cat Cow Pose, Cat Cow Child Pose Flow, Kneeling Cat Swan Flow, Hovering Cat Pose, Cat Cow Stretch Pose Type: Backbend, Stretching, Stress Relief, Back Pain, Sciatica Difficulty: Beginner Gently flow between Cat and … Read more