What Is Sattva?

सत्त्व sattva (one of the gunas, characterized by intelligence, purity, harmony, and goodness) Sattva Definition Sattva represents one of the three fundamental gunas, or qualities, that are believed to shape the nature of all existence. The three gunas are sattva, rajas, and tamas. Sattva is often regarded as the most elevated and harmonious of the … Read more

Who Is Shiva?

शिव Śiva (Auspicious One) Shiva Definition Shiva is one of the main deities in Hinduism, alongside Vishnu and Brahma. Associated with the aspect of time, his role in the Trimurti is that of the destroyer and the restorer. He also represents unmoved Supreme Consciousness. Shiva deep dive Shiva as a God Shiva is worshiped by … Read more

Who Is Shakti?

शक्ति Śakti (power) Shakti definition Shakti is the divine mother & feminine entity, one-half of the cosmos’ primal parents. Shakti is the creative power behind her eternal consort, Shiva, and the innate power of the universe. Shakti deep dive Shakti is the energy that enlivens the world and holds the macrocosm together – Divine Reality … Read more

What Is Samsara?

संसार Saṃsāra (the cycle of death and rebirth, ‘cyclic existence’) Samsara Definition Samsara describes the continuous cycle of existence, in which the soul (atman) transmigrates from one physical body to another, experiencing the consequences of its actions (karma), until it achieves liberation (moksha) from this cycle. Samsara represents the eternal journey of the soul through … Read more

What Is Satsang?

सत्सङ्ग Sat (truth) + Sang (together) Satsang Definition There may be no older term for a spiritual gathering than satsang, or satsanga, a Sanskrit word derived from: Sat – truth, being, reality, purity, and; Sang – association, together, community, fellowship. It is sometimes understood to mean a sacred gathering or spiritual congregation. At its core, … Read more