What is Bandhu?

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Bandhu (kinship)

Bandhu Definition

Bandhu is the Sanskrit term that means relation, kinship, or friend. These words all refer to a type of connection between yourself and another living being. 

In Hindu teachings, Bandhu is about respect and, most notably, the connection of source to every living thing. The source in the frame of yoga philosophy refers to the universe and your spiritual self.

The teaching of Bandhu is that you are inherently one with all living things, and in turn, they are all connected back to you.

two hands touching with the universe in the background. the image represents bandhu, a concept of interconnection in yoga

Bandhu Deep Dive:

Bandhu Yoga practice and meditation can help you connect more deeply with your inner self as well as with those around you. In a perfect Bandhu system, you receive as much as you give and are never drained of energy due to the cyclical nature of a true union.

Brene Brown captures the teaching best:

“Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued — when they can give and receive without judgment.” 

The process of Bandhu Yoga will foster many physical and spiritual connections for you through kindness and compassion. The relationship of mind, body, and spirit within yourself is a difficult journey that involves much self-work to remove negativity and the ego.

Bandhu Yoga will encourage you to think positive thoughts and have positive feelings towards yourself and others. Synchronizing your mind, body, and spirit will assist you with limiting feelings such as stress and exhaustion.

Allowing any part of your mind, body, or spirit to remain in a negative state will breed disjointed and negative emotions or actions. With practice, Bandhu Yoga will enhance your overall positivity leaving you feeling more energized and present at the moment.

hands in a mudra which represents bandhu

Bandhu In Your Life

Practicing Bandhu in your life can be attained through the empowering enactment of Kundalini Yoga. This yoga practice involves chanting, breathing, singing, and repetitive poses that will activate your energy located in the base of your spine.

In Sanskrit, Kundalini is translated to a coiled snake that sits undisturbed at the bottom of your spine, waiting to be awakened.

Awakening your Kundalini is essential in enhancing your energy and reducing your ego. This process can be achieved with the assistance of Bandhu Yoga which will encourage the development of kindness.

Bandhu Yoga can be accessed as you take a comfortable seated position and place your hands together in a prayer-like fashion.

The lower and outer regions of your palms should touch as you make sure the tips of your pinky fingers and middle fingers are pressed together in a mudra. The result is similar to a cup placed in front of your heart.

The next step involves eight short inhales and one pronounced exhale.

The out-breath should be through puckered lips resulting in a whistling sound.

The results of this meditative practice will generate kindness towards others as well as towards yourself. Bandhu Yoga will help solidify the teaching that all living things are an extension of the self and are all connected to one another.

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