How To Find Yoga Teacher Jobs As A New Teacher: 9 Pro Tips From An Expert Teacher Trainer

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Congratulations … You successfully went through yoga teacher training and are now the proud owner of a shiny new 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate!

Once you’ve decompressed and come down from the graduation ‘high’, you may be wondering… ‘How do I find yoga teacher jobs near me?’

Becoming a yoga teacher is an exciting and soul-feeding journey but for many, finding yoga teacher jobs can be a little overwhelming.

The scope of yoga teaching opportunities continues to evolve as the practice grows in popularity, meaning that while there are now infinite ways to share your teaching, there is also a lot of competition for coveted yoga teacher jobs.

Keep reading for nine ways to help you navigate the next steps on your teaching journey and stand out from the crowd:

  1. Commit To Your Own Practice
  2. Practice At Local Studios
  3. Gain Teaching Experience
  4. Consider Teaching Online
  5. International Teaching Jobs
  6. Website & Social Media Presence
  7. The Power Of Word Of Mouth
  8. Think Outside The Box
  9. Be Patient
group of yoga students in a teacher training

#1: Commit To Your Own Practice

“Yoga is 99% practice & 1% theory”

Pattabhi Jois

There is a reason that it’s called a yoga ‘practice’.

To be the best teacher you can be, it is important to first be a student and to continue developing your own practice both on and off the mat.

I often tell my teacher training graduates that the real learning comes after their course ends, when they take their newfound knowledge and apply it to their own practices.

When we regularly dedicate time to our self-practice, we better understand the body and the energetic effects of the practice meaning that we are able to more effectively guide others.

In addition to your daily practice, it is important to regularly attend workshops and classes to expand your knowledge of different teaching styles.

yoga teacher physically adjusting yoga student

Attending other teachers’ classes will help you develop your own unique teaching style and also provide opportunities for you to embed yourself within your local yoga community.

As many first jobs come via referrals from other teachers, this is invaluable!

#2: Practice at Local Studios

Consider this your invitation to ‘studio hop’!

Make a list of all the studios and gyms in your local area and sign up for a few classes. When you find a space that resonates, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself in person.

Many studios like to hire teachers who are familiar with their space. Ask to be added to the ‘sub list’ for when regular teachers need cover.

Be on the lookout for ‘karma yoga‘ positions where students help out in the studio in exchange for free classes. This a great way to ‘get your foot in the door’!

PRO TIP: Have a 60-minute all-levels class prepared with a suitable playlist so that you can hop in to cover a class last minute if needed. Be willing and available to jump in!

Attend yoga events and workshops wherever possible to connect with other yoga teachers and practitioners and don’t forget to bring your business cards.

local studio teacher looking for yoga teacher jobs

#3: Gain Teaching Experience

Ok, I know this is a ‘catch-22’ … in order to get a teaching job you often need experience but … there is a way!

Offer donation-based classes in your local park, recreation center, or church.

This is often a much-needed offering for your local community and keeps yoga accessible and affordable for all.

Donation-based classes are a great way to build your community and hone your teaching skills without the pressures of working for a professional studio, especially when you’re just starting out.

With the prices of yoga classes steadily increasing, it is my firm belief that every yoga teacher should offer regular donation-based classes no matter how experienced they are.

In this way, we do our part in helping to de-gentrify the yoga practice and make it more accessible for all.

yoga teacher teaching her friends in the park

#4: Consider Teaching Online

In the wake of the global pandemic, online yoga classes are now more popular than ever and can be a great way to build a client base.

Virtual yoga classes allow us to connect with people from all over the world and build a global community.

Social media is a great way to advertise, whether you choose to use Instagram Live to ‘stream’ your classes or set up a Zoom account and have people sign up via email.

PRO TIP: Remember to record your classes so that you can send out a link to local studios when applying for jobs. Having a video of you teaching a class will give you a big step up over your competitors!

#5: International Teaching Jobs

An often overlooked route into yoga teacher jobs, teaching abroad can serve as a fast track to a career as a yoga retreat leader.

A great resource is where yoga retreat centers post work exchange positions worldwide.

With an international ‘gig’, you will often be teaching multiple classes per week in exchange for food, accommodation, and sometimes mentoring. This is a wonderful way to gain experience leading yoga classes for a wide variety of people.

PRO TIP: As the ‘yoga trade’ market is growing in popularity, it is important to ensure that you have an online presence so that your application stands out

group of yogis with hands in a mudra

#6: Build A Website

“A yoga teacher’s website is their resume, brand, and marketing vehicle all rolled into one”

The Yoga Nomads

In an industry that is largely about human connections and networking, a traditional resume just doesn’t cut it.

When meeting fellow yoga teachers and potential students it is much more effective to hand over a business card that directs them to your own website.

Having a website makes you appear credible and professional.

A simple one-page website could include:

  • An ‘about me’ section that details your training and teaching experience and describes what you love about yoga
  • Your current class schedule and links to sign up (be sure to include your donation-based offerings)
  • Some images of yourself practicing yoga and a friendly ‘headshot’ (these do not have to be professional)
  • A couple of free mini-flows or a link to your YouTube account if applicable
  • Links to any social media accounts
  • A clear and concise contact page

For a quick and easy template website that you can set up in a day, I highly recommend Wix or Squarespace.

yoga teacher teaching two students in a stretch

A note on social media …

In this digital age, you may be wondering why social media isn’t at the top of our list.

The truth is that, while utilizing the power of social media can be a powerful tool for marketing, it is important to be authentic.

If the thought of posting regularly on Instagram and TikTok doesn’t resonate, know that you can absolutely build a successful and rewarding yoga career without social media.

Building a client email list and sending out regular emails that provide value is a wonderful alternative.

#7: The Power Of Word Of Mouth

“Find Your Tribe, Love Them Hard”

Brene Brown

For many new teachers, their first clients will be their friends and family.

Keeping it ‘close to home’ is a wonderful way to gain new clients through valuable referrals.

friend teaching her friend yoga

Especially in the yoga industry, where personal connection is so important, word of mouth is the best marketing tool you have.

When you are introduced to a potential new client be sure to thank the person who referred them, reach out promptly, and offer value.

Invite them to an upcoming class and ask them to bring a friend if they wish, continuing the referral loop and steadily building your community.

#8: Think Outside The Box

A successful yoga career is not limited to teaching in studios. There are now so many ways to share your passion for yoga.

Here are some ‘outside the box’ ideas to get you started:

  • Create your own yoga blog
  • Create a yoga YouTube channel
  • Create a yoga or meditation podcast
  • Manage a studio
  • Offer yoga photography services
  • Become a host at a yoga retreat center

If you have a specialist skill, put a small portfolio together and send it out to some local studios or retreat centers you have visited.

yoga teacher teaching online

#9: Be Patient

Building your yoga career will take time and perseverance.

As you navigate the first steps into your career and dive deeply into your own practice, you will begin to ascertain which aspects of the yoga practice resonate with you the most.

Whatever you are most passionate about is what you will most likely be called to teach!

In conclusion…

  1. Spend time cultivating real human connections to build your community and a consistent student base.
  2. Offer donation-based classes to give back to your local community.
  3. Spend time building a beautiful one-page website so clients and recruiters can easily find you – remember to keep it simple!
  4. Stay dedicated to your own regular practice, attend classes and continue honing your yoga teaching skills.
  5. Network with other teachers. Go to their classes, grab coffee together, and attend industry events like new studio openings and yoga ‘hangouts’.
  6. Have a couple of well-practiced yoga class plans prepared and be ready to embrace every teaching opportunity that comes your way.

We hope this answered the question, ‘How do I find yoga teacher jobs near me?. Just remember that with passion, persistence, and professionalism, your dream yoga career awaits!

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