Supported Headstand (Sirsasana)

Headstand Pose, Sirsasana, (shear-SHAH-suh-nuh) sirsa (means) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Salamba Sirsasana, Supported Headstand Pose Pose Type: Inversion, Balancing, Strengthening, Core Activating Difficulty: Advanced Flip your world upside down and shift your perspective as you tap into a full body awareness in Supported Headstand. Headstand Pose Fundamentals Headstand is dubbed the “King of … Read more

Upward Plank Pose (Purvottanasana)

Upward Plank Pose, Purvottanasana, (purr-vo-tahn-AH-suh-nuh) purva (east) + ut tan (intense stretch) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Inclined Plank Pose, Inverted Plank Pose Type: Stretching, Strengthening, Inversions, Balancing, Backbend, Core Activating Difficulty: Intermediate Stretch through your front body and open your chest up to the sky in Upward Plank Pose. Upward Plank Pose Fundamentals … Read more

Dolphin Plank Pose (Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Dolphin Plank Pose, Makara Adho Mukha Svanasana, (MAH-kar-ah ah-doh moo-kuh SVAH-NAH-suh-nuh) makara (crocodile) + adhas (down) + mukha (facing) + svana (dog) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Forearm Balancing Asana Pose Type: Core Activating, Strengthening Difficulty: Intermediate Light a fire in your core and tap into your inner strength with Dolphin Plank Pose Dolphin … Read more

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandha Sarvangasana)

Bridge Pose, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, (se-tuu bun-dhuh sur-vaan-gaa-suh-nuh) setu bandha (bridge joining) + sarvanga (whole body) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Kandhrasana, Setu Bandhasana Pose Type: Strengthening, Backbend, Inversion, Supine, Core Activating, Digestion Difficulty: Beginner A beginner’s backbend or a core strengthener, the Bridge Pose can offer so much depth. Take a moment to … Read more

Heron Pose (Krauncasana)

Heron Pose, Krauncasana, (kr-un-chaa-suh-nuh) kraunca (heron / curlew like bird) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Krounchasana Pose Type: Stretching, Core Activating, Balancing Difficulty: Advanced This intense hamstring stretch will come as a result of a cultivated practice. Be patient with your body. Heron Pose Fundamentals Named after the proud heron bird, this powerful pose … Read more