Chin Mudra (Gyan Mudra)

Chin Mudra  Also Known as Gyan Mudra Chin (consciousness) Or Gyan (knowledge) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – Air Fundamentals Chin mudra is one of the hasta or hand mudras, used in meditation practice to aid with directing one’s energy and improving concentration. But this mudra in particular is believed to be one of the most … Read more

Ksepana Mudra (Kali Mudra)

Ksepana Mudra / Kali Mudra Ksepana –  (to throw away, to let go) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – Air Fundamentals Before diving into the benefits and implementation of this mudra, we need to understand with what energies we are working here. Ksepana Mudra is commonly referred to as Kali Mudra. Kali, in Sanskrit, means … Read more

Dharmachakra Mudra

Dharmachakra Mudra Dharmachakra (wheel of Dharma) + mudra (gesture).  Ayurvedic Element – All five elements Fundamentals Kalachakra is another symbol of this mudra. It refers to the continued flow of energy and inevitable time cycles. Here, time becomes a measurement of change. We can tap into this and analyze both our external and internal cycles. … Read more

Hakini Mudra

Hakini Mudra  Hakini (a Hindu Goddess, power) + mudra (gesture) Ayurvedic Element – All Elements Fundamentals Hakini Mudra is one of the most important hand gestures created as a way to channel and control prana, vital energy, and balance the five elements in the body.  The name translates in Sanskrit to “power” or “rule”. It … Read more