What is Aditya?

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Aditya Definition

The Sanskrit definition of the Hindu word Aditya which means ‘Sun God’, has deep mythological origins. Aditi, referred to as the ‘Mother of the Gods,’ has a significant role in the creation of the Earth. Aditya also refers to the 12 sons of Aditi, which represent the 12 solar deities or months of the year. 

Aditya Yoga is a way to honor the sun throughout the year but especially during the time of the summer solstice. This practice was derived as a means to connect the power of the sun, and to the abundant, fiery energy within you.

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Aditya Deep Dive

Another word for Aditya is Sura, which correlates in a linear fashion to the sun in Hindu culture and traditions. Yoga itself is said to be a gift from humans bestowed upon the sun in all its cosmic generosity. The bright and golden sun is thought to represent the face of god or, more directly, a pure and supreme divinity.

Many practicing Buddhists will offer gifts of fire and meditation to the sun in order to pay tribute to its many bountiful blessings. During any meditation practice, the mantra OM relates to the sound of the sun as it glides through the sky. By chanting in your meditation, you are offering gratitude towards the many benefits humans receive from the sun consistently shining every day.

It is said that the power of the sun can be harnessed through yoga, meditation.

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Aditya In Your Life

The sun in Aditya Yoga represents the prana or your breath and, most importantly, your inner guiding life force. This breath is your inner sun which sustains your life just as the sun supports countless life forms on Earth. 

It is essential on your individual journey to remember the importance of honoring the sun each day. The sun that resides within you represents your true authentic self. When you are tapped into this authentic self, your own light shines outwardly so bright for others to see. You can stimulate your inner sun and offer gratitude towards the sun through a yoga sequence known as the Sun Salutation.

The Sun Salutation consists of 12 yoga poses performed in a continuous and consecutive flowing sequence that demonstrates your gratitude towards the sun.

The Sun Salutation sequence consists of Mountain Pose, Upward Salute, Standing Forward Fold, Half Standing Forward Fold, Plank Pose, Chaturanga, Upward-facing Dog Pose, and Downward-facing Dog Pose.

As you continue to practice the asanas of Sun Salutations, you will notice the calming benefits to your mind and the strengthening of your body.

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