Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana), (oot-KAH-tuh cone-AHS-uh-nuh) Utkata (powerful) + kona (angle) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Victory Squat Pose Type: Standing, Strengthening, Pregnancy, Sciatica Difficulty: Beginner Channel your inner goddess and build leg strength in Goddess Pose. Goddess Pose Fundamentals Awaken your inner goddess, challenge your balance and build heat in Goddess Pose.  Both men … Read more

Garland Pose (Malasana)

Garland Pose, Malasana, (muh-laa-suh-nuh) mala (garland) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Squat Pose, Sitting Down Pose, Wide Squat Pose, Yogi Squat Pose Type: Stretching, Menstruation, Pregnancy Difficulty: Beginner This deep squat will provide a fantastic stretch to the ankles, groins, and lower back. This pose is not a competition- let gravity guide your heels … Read more

Bound Angle Pose (Baddha Konasana)

Bound Angle Pose, Baddha Konasana, (buh-ddh-ko-naa-suh-nuh) baddha (bound) + kona (angle) + asana (pose) Also Known as: Cobbler Pose, Butterfly Pose, Baddha Konasana, Bhadrasana Pose Type: Stretching, Seated, Sciatica, Restorative, Pregnancy Difficulty: Beginner Open your hips and stretch your inner thigh muscles with Bound Angle Pose bound angle pose Fundamentals Open the hips, release emotions … Read more

Cat Pose (Marjaryasana)

Cat Pose, Marjaryasana, (Mar-jar-YAH-sun-ah) marjary (cat) + āsana (pose) Pose Type: Restorative, Core Activating, Back Pain, Sciatica, Stretching Difficulty: Beginner Create space and movement in your spine and shoulders with a centering cat pose. cat Pose Fundamentals Find Cat Pose and its counter pose Cow Pose in a Cat-Cow sequence at the beginning of a … Read more

Cow Pose (Bitilasana)

Cow Pose, Bitilasana, (Bit-ill-AH-sun-ah) bitila (cow) + āsana (pose) Also known as: Dog Tilt Pose Pose Type: Backbend, Seated, Pregnancy Difficulty: Beginner Gently warm up your spine with a soothing cow pose. cow Pose Fundamentals Cow Pose is a simple backbend pose, which is most often paired with Cat Pose (Marjaryasana), to build a Cat-Cow … Read more