Maria Andrews

Hi I’m Maria! 200H yoga teacher, UESCA Ultrarunning Coach & Level 3 Counselor, & iTEC Level 3 Massage Therapist. I’m interested in all things movement & how we can use our bodies to access all sorts of states of being. My current practice involves lots of Scaravelli Inspired Yoga and non-dual meditation.

A big fan of enjoying simple things, I live in an old farmhouse in the Northern Spanish mountains & spend my days hosting friends and family, renovating, cooking, foraging, gardening & running around the mountains with my partner & dog.

I’m the Managing Editor over at yogajala, having nurtured it from its inception.

  • mara andrews playing a flute cross legged on a yoga mat
  • maria andrews doing chair yoga
  • maria andrews doing yoga at sunset in nature by a tower
  • maria andrews meditating in nature
  • maria andrews and friends dancing during a yoga ceremony
  • maria andrews in a van in the mountains
  • maria andrews and ben gibbons on a mountain peak with their dog

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