Tish Qvortrup

Fiercely free-spirited, eternally chasing serendipity, a compassion prioritizer, a curious adventurer, a helpless creature lover, a daily gratitude practitioner, and a hopeless timekeeper, writer and outreach coordinator Tish is never on time but always arrives with a smile on her face.

From a young age, Tish has been dedicated to moving through the world mindfully and living with intentionality. She discovered yoga in her late teens and her love and appreciation for the lifestyle has deepened ever since. Holding a 200hr Yoga Teacher Accreditation, specializing in Hatha Vinyasa and Yin. In the future, Tish hopes to run free community yoga classes, teach yoga in schools, and maybe even open up her own cooperative yoga studio one day. 

But she’s in no rush. A surrenderer to Divine Timing, Tish finds peace in the knowledge that life will always unfold exactly as it was always supposed to. The universe holds you and has a plan for you, and it will always bring people, guidance, and challenges when it’s right.  

A wanderer, Tish isn’t based anywhere in particular but finds her home in the friends that surround her wherever she is.

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